Don’t Mess With Recycling Employees

Well, at least not in Philadelphia.

Robberies have made the recycling business so dangerous for David Geppert, shot two years ago during a holdup, that he gave his blessing to employees who said they wanted to carry guns to work. Yesterday morning, Geppert said he felt blessed that none of his employees at his Germantown facility was injured during a gun battle between a robber and two employees. The robber was shot and died.

Good show.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Recycling Employees”

  1. Wait, isn’t permitting CCW on the job an OSHA violation? Someone better get that OK judge on the case. . . .

  2. Yeah – that was my problem with the OK judge’s logic – it essentially said the OSH Act requires workplaces to be gun-free (otherwise his decision is completely … a word that has yet to be invented, but it is one, and a complete one at that*)

    (*I’d apologize to rEd Dwarf, but I don’t think I need to).

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