The Red’s Challenge

I feel bad that I haven’t linked Ryan in a while, so what do you think about taking the Red’s Trading Post Challenge?  One of the issues we brought up with Glen and Ashley at the GBR was getting hearings on ATF abuses.  I don’t know whether that’s something that would be possible to get out of Nancy Pelosi’s Congress, but letting them know how you feel can’t hurt.

13 Responses to “The Red’s Challenge”

  1. Dano says:

    Yea, I took the challenge. It was interesting to see what each senator has for their topics on their web forms.

  2. Jadegold says:

    Sure, why not take it up?

    After all, gunloons seem to be awfully quick to support lawbreaking by these gunshops.

    Look, the issue is plain: gunloons maintain they need no oversight of buying, selling, and trading firearms. They maintain they are accountable. Yet, when an audit shows the opposite—it’s a Govt. abuse?

  3. Dano says:

    Before I can respond, need a definition of ‘gunloons’.

    Are you referring to citizens who own firearms?

    Or to the BATFE?

    Thank you.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Thanks Dano. I’m going to try to get to it this weekend, but I’ll leave the contest to the readers. Ryan has quite a good merchandising operation going. Now all he needs is a Red’s Trading Post flame thrower! Hopefully you get the movie reference ;)

  5. Sebastian says:

    Jade, if Ryan’s audit showed he was doing off the book sales, I wouldn’t be sympathetic to the plight. But it doesn’t. It’s minor paperwork errors, like putting “Y” instead of “Yes” on 4473, or failing to spell out the county of residence, which was never a separate box on 4473 until recently. And even then, his license was revoked for only 0.04% of total paperwork, if I recall.

    It seems to me that it would make more sense chasing people for criminal violations, than fighting in court and wasting my tax dollars going after clerical violations.

  6. Dano says:

    That could work.

    But if he come out with Red’s Trading Post The Toilet Paper I’m going to be concerned…

  7. Jadegold says:

    Jade, if Ryan’s audit showed he was doing off the book sales, I wouldn’t be sympathetic to the plight.

    In essence, he was. Among the many discrepancies was the fact he didn’t do background checks on some special orders and didn’t log multiple purchases of handguns to one buyer as required.

    Plus, when you don’t bother to fill out some or most of a gun purchase form–that could well be construed as an attempt to sell guns off the books.

    Besides, the issue isn’t what you are sympathetic to or not–it’s about enforcing the law. You folks like to talk about enforcing existing laws–except when it gets in the way of putting more guns out in the public. And it’s not a matter of rates of problems unless you’ve figured out a way of trying to convince a traffic cop he shouldn’t give you a speeding ticket because the other 1000 times you were on the road you obeyed the speed limit.

  8. Sebastian says:

    But if he come out with Red’s Trading Post The Toilet Paper I’m going to be concerned…

    ATF toilet paper ;)

  9. Sebastian says:

    If you’ve ever had to deal with FFL requirements and paperwork, and tried to navigate the maze of federal and state gun laws, you’d understand that most of them have pretty much nothing to do with preventing criminals from access to firearms. At some root level they might be related to that, but the way it’s been regulated can be downright silly.

  10. Sebastian says:

    And for the record, what they are enforcing against Red’s is a regulation, not a law. When we say “enforce the law” we mean against people who are, you know, criminals. Not dealers who are trying to comply. If Ryan was doing something illegal, he would have been raided, not audited. The issue here is whether Reds gets to keep their FFL. This isn’t a criminal matter.

  11. straightarrow says:

    JG doesn’t care about that he is just carrying water for the would be slavemasters.

    He made several statements that required some pretty fucking big assumption on his part as to what Red’s has done or failed to do.

    No proof, just throw it out and pretend he knows something he can’t possibly be informed on. But when you are as corrupt as he is, it is to be expected, just not given any credence.

  12. straightarrow says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing, you never hear me say enforce the existing laws. They are illegal. The only law that applies is the second amendment to the Constitution. Every other law regarding keeping and bearing or purchasing arms is an infringement that is not allowed by the supreme law of the land.

    There is a big difference in passing laws against the misuse, abuse or criminal use of arms and passing laws against the arms themselves. The former is perfectly aligned with the tenets of a civilized society, the latter is disallowed so that that society may remain civilized and imbued with liberty that only arms in the hands of the “people” can guarantee.

    JG, knows this and hates it. He is truly a despicable creature with evil intent toward all free men.