Good To See This Kind of Reporting

From the Detroit Free Press:

The legislation, promoted by gun-rights activists, clarified when a person can use deadly force in self-defense during break-ins, carjackings and other potentially violent crimes — even in incidents away from the person’s home.

Such was apparently the case Thursday night in Detroit.

Given that Michigan is coming apart at the seams, it seems that the right to defend oneself could be even more important.

3 thoughts on “Good To See This Kind of Reporting”

  1. Oh my god, OCP is coming for our houses!

    Sorry… whenever Detroit is mentioned (plus those budget problems), I can’t help thinking that.

  2. Yeah, the shutdown was avoided. And I don’t know anyone who feared it.

    They’ve jacked taxes up again.

    But, we do get to defend ourselves without losing every asset we own in criminal and civil courts.

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