Crap. I Don’t Have Any of These

From Mr. Completely:

Beginning Oct. 1, the state of Nevada will recognize permits from eight other states that allow people to carry concealed weapons, the Nevada Department of Public Safety announced.

Those states are Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Tennessee and Utah.

Mr. Completely laments the exclusion of Washington State on that list. I do too! Because I actually have a license from that state. What’s wrong with Florida too? It’s good enough for Delaware, which is a may-issue (but mostly will, if you jump through the hoops) state to boot!  I guess SayUncle will have to be the “designated shooter” for our group :)

One thought on “Crap. I Don’t Have Any of These”

  1. Yippeeeee! I knew that if I lived in Nebraska long enough, something good and worthwhile would happen!

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