Hit Piece or Serious Concern?

Grappling with Guns points to a feature in Portfolio.com, a publication of Conde Nast.  Go read the whole post.

It is about Justin Moon and Kahr arms.  I think it’s pretty much a hit piece.  I have little love for weird cults, or really any religion that takes itself too seriously, but this is without a doubt a hit peice, intended to smear Kahr, and the entire industry by association, along with the people who buy its products.  In the article, Justin Moon states:

“I’m my father’s son, but I’m also my own man,” he says. “Being my father’s son, there are disadvantages. I’ve had to work my butt off to get away from the negativity.”

Doesn’t sound like a zealot to me.  The piece is here if you want to read.  It’s rather long.

3 thoughts on “Hit Piece or Serious Concern?”

  1. okay, Kahr is mostly a pistols house unless i’m mistaken. their only real long gun is the semiauto Thompson subgun replica, which is still (of course) pistol-caliber, am i right?

    seriously, if i was the leader of an apocalyptic religious cult and wanted to use family connections to arm my followers, i’d tell my weaponsmith son to start tooling up for rifles in 5.56 NATO and/or 7.62 Russian. until that happens, it seems quite safe to say the son is not working mainly for the father’s benefit here.

  2. Let me clear up any confusion on your part.

    It is absolutely a hit piece. An already well-denigrated religious order combined with firearms that have, at one time or another, been called “Saturday Night Specials”, is like Christmas morning for some folks.

    Expect a video segment on 20/20 or Dateline that will make this article seem balanced.

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