Michigan Laws Improving

The Unforgiving Minute points out that Michigan has done away with its farcical “safety inspection” system, but did not go so far as it eliminate the requirements that handguns be registered.  Now you can carry out your unconstitutional indignities by mail instead of having to show up in person.  Not perfect, but an improvement, TD points out:

Historically-minded readers might be interested to know that this permit system was originally put in place by the KKK-backed “Public Acts of 1927″, a racist reaction to the case of Dr. Ossian Sweet, a black physician who dared to defend his home from a white mob in Detroit.

Not shocking.

2 thoughts on “Michigan Laws Improving”

  1. Then again you now have to carry your registration paperwork for thirty days after aquiring a firearm.

  2. Now, if they would just recognize some out-of-state carry permits. I live in Illinois, and visit Michigan (it’s very close). Yet they won’t recognize my FL or UT permits, because I am not a resident of the issuing state.

    Illinois doesn’t issue permits, so carry is forbidden for me in MI.

    And that’s too bad, because I would make MI safer (not to mention myself) if I carried there.

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