The Free Press Gives Cox Too Much Credit

The accusation is that Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is wasting taxpayer dollars trying to curry favor with the gun lobby.  The Detroit Free Press can relax, because if they had actually read the brief in question, they would have noticed that it was prepared by Greg Abbott, the Attorney General of Texas.  Despite the fact that Mike Cox, by jumping the gun with a press release of his own on Monday, pretty clearly wanted to drive the impression that he was behind all this, all his office did was sign his name on the brief.  No harm to Michigan taxpayers.

A little research can go a long way, you know.

4 thoughts on “The Free Press Gives Cox Too Much Credit”

  1. Appaarently you don’t understand the free press. They are far to busy breaking stories, they don’t have time for your precious “research”. -lol

  2. Typical Free Press, they have an editorial cartoonist that thinks that the Brady bunch is way too soft on guns.
    Sunday they carried a small piece on how Arizona had passed their bar and restaurant carry bill and was going back to the Wild West.
    I wrote a letter pointing out that 40 other states has similar legislation with out any such problems, with one of the states being Michigan. I guess I should hold my breath waiting for them to post my letter.

  3. Wait! We have money in Michigan!!??

    Detroit is a scumhole. It has way too much influence on the state.

    There’s a reason why the free press is slowly going out of business

  4. The Free Press clearly misunderstands, or ignores, the issue.

    The issue at hand isn’t about a ban in Chicago. The issue at hand (stated right up front in the brief) is whether the 2A applies to the states. Michigan is a state, and all Michiganders have a stake in this case.

    The Free Press must be relying on a really ignorant readership to which to shill their hatred of Cox, or the 2A, or both …

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