Having Real Friends Helps

Ahab notes that Rudy makes both he and Paul Helmke nervous, but for opposite reasons:

My concern with Rudy as a presidential candidate isn’t that he is switching to pro-gun side of the debate, but rather that I feel like he’s just saying what he feels he need to say to woo pro-gun Republican votes.  I worry that if he were elected, he would immediately flop right back to his NYC gun control methods.

If Rudy wants to serve a second term, he wouldn’t flip back.   But I don’t think that honestly matters all that much.  I would take Rudy over Hillary, if only because Rudy will know where his bread gets buttered.

The real problem with Rudy is he’s not a real friend of gun owners, no matter what he tells you.  We already have an example of this in our current President, who has signed some good bills for us, and put people on the Supreme Court that will likely vote to uphold the second amendment, but the gun issue is politics for Bush, not passion.

This couldn’t be any clearer than in ATF’s actions while Bush has been president.  There has been no attempt by the administration to bring this agency under any semblance of control, either fiscally or focusing them on their proper mission of going after criminals.   This is why having real friends in the white house matters.   There’s too many behind the scenes, under the radar ways an unfriendly administration can screw gun owners, even if their public face is very friendly.  Ahab is correct to be worried, because having real friends in the White House matters.

6 thoughts on “Having Real Friends Helps”

  1. I just don’t trust the guy. I don’t exactly know how he could go about proving that he really is truly pro-gun, but as of right now I just feel like his “pro-gun” stance is all politics and no conviction.

  2. I think he’d have to splurge on some full-auto weaponry. But that won’t happen, because he buys into the “assault weapons” canard.

  3. Remember when Rudy didn’t even want an NRA Restaurant in New York

    “U.S. News feared the NRA’s proposed Sports Blast cafe for families wouldn’t be welcome after a recent attack on women in Central Park. Kit R. Roane opened the little attack piece: “Mickey and Bugs, take cover. The National Rifle Association is planning to open its own ‘family oriented megastore’ in Manhattan’s bustling Times Square. No way, says Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.”

  4. There’s little doubt Rudy is playing politics here. I remember all too well his antics from when he was mayor. The big difference between Hillary and Rudy is that Hillary doesn’t need gun owners to get elected. She’s not even pretending to be our friend, because she doesn’t have to.

    It’s one of those things, if he ends up with the nomination, God help us, and we have to help him defeat Hillary, he will, hopefully, understand that comes at a price.

    I’ll take the politician who’s balls I have in a vise, rather than the politician who will be happy to turn the screw on mine.

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