Another ATF Audit for Red’s

Looks like the ATF has paid Red’s Trading Post another visit for rubber glove treatment. Upset about how Red’s Trading Post is being treated? Contact the Office of Inspector General at the DOJ. Be polite, but make sure they know you believe ATFs actions in regard to Red’s are excessive. I will post what I’ll be sending along to them later this evening.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to contact your Congress Critter in regards to reforming the law to deal with these abuses. There were several bills working their way through Congress before the changeover happened in 2006. We’d all like to see the ATF abolished, but the fundamental problem is with the law, and if that isn’t fixed, the problem would just shift to another agency. The ultimate problem isn’t that there’s federal law enforcement tasked with enforcing federal gun laws, it’s that there are too many federal gun laws to enforce. Until the latter is fixed, the problem will continue.

2 Responses to “Another ATF Audit for Red’s”

  1. straightarrow says:

    What we need is an 800 lb. gorilla to twist a few Congressional arms until such point as we elect some honorable men to Congress.

    I thought we had one of them, what happened?

  2. Sebastian says:

    Electing honorable men is entirely up to the people who vote them into power. The problem is, there’s a real dearth of honorable people who choose to go into politics.