Hi-Point Pistol of Choice in NYC

Ahab has a pretty good bit on how the City of New York is claiming that the High-Point C9 is the weapon of choice for the street urchins.  This doesn’t really surprise me.  I actually own one Hi-Point product; their 9mm carbine.  It’s actually not a bad shooter.  Quality on the parts isn’t too hot, but the design is simple, and surprisingly reliable.

Apparently they go on the street for about $250 bucks, which is a bit higher than the price on the legal market.   There’s going to be some risk premium charged by traffickers to make the possibility of multiple felony counts worth their while.

5 thoughts on “Hi-Point Pistol of Choice in NYC”

  1. Did you at least buy an alternative stock for it? It will at least look better, then.

  2. Way to not put the link up there.

    Unrelated, they do have alternate stocks for the Hi-Point carbine, you can find them here.

  3. Sadly, the linked site lists Hi-Point but that page seems unreachable. The standard stock is decidedly right-handed, enough so that I dropped the carbine from my list at first glance.

  4. Just click on the name “Hi-Point”. The mouse won’t change when you mouse over the links on the left. Someone needs to smack their web designer.

    Of course, they don’t sell directly from their website, so you’d have to go another website or a retail store to actually buy one of their stocks.

  5. ATI only has stocks for the 9mm carbine. I spoke to a nice lady there about it, and she encouraged anyone interested in a stock for the .40 carbine give them a call. Apparently that’s what they’re using to determine whether or not they offer it for the .40 caliber.

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