Women Defends Her Home With 9mm Hi-Point Carbine

I have one of the firearms this woman used to defend herself. I bought it years back during the federal assault weapons ban before I knew any better. I figured it was a few hundred bucks so what the hell. It’s surprisingly reliable, and was reliable enough for this woman to use to defend her home, even though she pretty clearly didn’t take good care of it. It is among the types of firearms made illegal by New York under the SAFE Act, because clearly we can’t have moms in bad neighborhoods having inexpensive firearms to protect themselves. I’d also note that there were three home invaders in this case, one of them had a gun, and she only has ten rounds in the magazine in that hi-point. She had already used what sounds like three of those rounds on warning shots. I’m sure the gun control advocates, none of whom have any experience with firearms, will opine just how easy it is to take down all three with the 7 remaining rounds, if they hadn’t decided that discretion is the better part of valor and run off.

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  1. Whayahmean before you knew better!!! :-)

    I have one of the “new” Hi-Points and it’s a fun little gun to shoot. I’m going to keep it in my car as a bug out gun to help me get home if I ever have to walk the 26 miles from work. It’s inexpensive enough that if it’s stolen I won’t get too upset.

    I also found some after market 15 round mags that work well with it. Not my main long gun at all…but it has its place.

    1. Pretty sure the AK still holds that crown. :-) Moisin-Nagants are cheap (even now) on the US civilian market because they are being sold at well below production cost.

      But, hey, they’re already paid for, storing them costs money, and even just chucking them in a landfill would cost money — so sales of obsolete and (militarily) useless rifles to Yankees at least puts some Euros in Russian pockets. It’s like the difference between having to pay the landfill to dump your trash and having someone offer to come into your house once a week and pay you for the privlege of being allowed to take your trash away!

      1. What I meant was that it’s a dirt-cheap gun that is basically idiot-proof and (by all accounts) pretty darn reliable, despite being ugly as sin and having a rough action.

        You know the joke about “If you can only afford one gun, two of them can be Mosins?” I’m starting to think that a certain $200 semi-auto in 9mm also qualifies, and is much better suited for home defense.

        1. Ah, I see your point. Although, I would recommend going to one of the larger calibers, given they seem to be both more reliable than the 9mm carbines (or at least the .40 is) and because someone in that price bracket is more than not likely to end up using ball ammo.

          Now, modern 9x19mm JHPs are close enough in performance to similar quality .40 and .45ACP JHPs as to make no nevermind, but with pistol caliber ball ammo it’s go big or go home. ;-)

    1. Mine doesn’t. Do you actually have one, or are you relying on internet wisdom?


  2. “It is among the types of firearms made illegal by New York under the SAFE Act, because clearly we can’t have moms in bad neighborhoods having inexpensive firearms to protect themselves.”

    The Hi-Point Carbine has also been branded as an “assault weapon” by Public Act 13-3, which is the post-Newtown gun law in Connecticut.

  3. I’ll say this about Hi-Point carbines, despite thinking that the Hi-Point pistols are utter garbage (based on multiple independant tests of them).

    The carbines, however, seem to actually work, which is the primary function of a self defense weapon — if it don’t go BANG! when called upon to do so, nothing else matters.

    I suspect that’s because of the subtle differences in running a blowback carbine with a 16″ barrel and running a blowback pistol. You get more operating energy from the longer pressure curve that results from having a barrel about four times as long, which covers up a lot of quality issues. Sort of how the massively overgassed AK keeps working reliably by brute force.

    Not sure how reliable it would be with modern JHPs without having someone competant tweak the feed a tad (which, if you have to go pay someone, puts you into “better gun out of teh box” total cost of ownership), and I suspect most users probably just run the cheapest (i.e., FMJ or RNL) loads the store they bought the gun in had for sale that day. Accordingly, I’d think most would be better served with the .40 and .45 versions, since size does matter with ball ammo.

    I will note that some tests (on the .40 version, at least) have indicated very reliable functioning with a wide range of modern JHPs — I wonder if the higher pressure of the .40 round makes that version especially reliable. . . )

    1. I don’t have a Hi Point pistol, but from various blogs it would see about 75% are trouble free, with the primary problem being magazines that need tweaked. From what I hear the carbines are about 90% reliable. Their customer service seems very good, so it’s not that big of a gamble to try one out.

      I do have a 40 cal carbine, and actually like it.


      1. With the pistols, I would say that 75% is too sketchy a success rate for the money. Not when more reliable (and safer) used guns are available for only the cost of a pair of delivery pizzas more.

        But I’m not aware of anything in a low recoil (but adequate caliber), detatchable mag fed, semiauto, long gun that comes similarly close to matching that price differencial that would make the HiPoint carbines an unfeasible choice for a low end buyer. The only semis I am aware of anywhere close to that price point are all .22s, and I’d sure as hell recommend a pistol caliber HiPoint carbine over a 10-22 for home defense!

        1. That number reflects a trouble free brand new out of the box performance. From what I understand if the pistol is sent back (free lifetime repair) it will come back fixed & a free magazine included for your trouble.


  4. The hi-point carbine is definitely not a gun you’re going to put a lifetime of rounds through. There are a few places the pot metal slide slowly eats itself as you shoot it. I probably put maybe 2k rounds through mine and have had precious few problems with it.

    I have no experience with hi-point’s pistols, but the carbine isn’t so bad for as inexpensive as it is. I wouldn’t buy one thinking it’ll last 10k rounds, but if you’re poor and live in a shitty neighborhood, you could do a lot worse.

    1. I doubt anyone buying one with their own money (other than for a review) is ever going to BUY 10,000 rounds in their life. If they could afford that kind of ammo, they wouldn’t be looking at a HiPoint! {chuckle}

      So, agreed — the designed service life is FAR in excess of teh intended (or expected) use. Hell, with the number of rounds I bet 99% of these (even those bought with serious intent) will get, I don;t think you need a CLEANING KIT — just a rag and whatever handy oil you have around the house.

  5. She clearly committed multiple felonies. She should go to jail and be barred from owning a gun. If she had time to shoot a gun, she had time to flee from her home. How long will we let Castle Doctrine extremists murder our children? She should have just given them whatever they wanted. Maybe their need was greater than her’s.

    1. And you are a complete jerk, as well as a troll! Too bad she didn’t kill all three of them – that would be “good riddance” and a boon to society! Somehow I find it easy to believe YOUR children would act this way. The only thing she should have given them was hot lead. Perhaps you should give them your address and invite them to come rob and (?) your family.

      You are a worthless excuse for a human being!


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