How It Went

Despite my fear of public speaking, I managed to force myself to stand up and have my say at our club’s board meeting.   Sadly, I don’t think I had much impact, because the board indicated that the ballot measure to end our club’s 100% NRA participation was a done deal.  I urged the board to allow NRA to send someone up to talk to us.  A few indicated NRA just wanted to talk about HR2640, and it wasn’t only about HR2640.  They also claim NRA didn’t want to talk to membership, but only a few select board members.   That’s the the impression I got from NRA, but several board members also confirmed this was the case.

So in short, the vote will go ahead.  NRA will not be talking to us, it seems.  There was, at least, one other board member who I managed to talk to.  I have two people who are sympathetic to my cause I didn’t have before.

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