Belgian Mass Shooter

Extrano’s alley has a summary of the guy who went ape shit in Belgium and shot up the place. Not surprisingly, European elites are calling for more gun control laws, even though it seems apparent the weapons was procured and possessed illegally under Belgian law, and was not a type that would ordinarily be legal. He assembled it himself. But, you know, we’re all wacky for suggesting to our opponents that people will do this if you outlaw them.

You would tend to think that if gun control is going to stop anyone, it would be the mass shooter, who has limited access to black market sources, and is more likely to have to rely on the primary legal market to acquire firearms. But given that this happens in Europe, that doesn’t appear to be the case at all.

2 thoughts on “Belgian Mass Shooter”

  1. Apparently he had hand grenades, too. I don’t think you can get those at the local waffle hut.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that the reason that the Irish Republican Army used so many bombs was that they had so few guns.

    Always wondered why they want to outlaw handguns when the next logical choice for self-protection is shotguns???

    Gun grabbers don’t need a reason only an excuse.

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