Clueless Reporters

Uncle is speechless.  I’m surprised you can’t find at least one person in a newsroom that knows the bullet gets fired out of the cartridge when it’s shot.  To me, this ought to be common knowledge.  I think it is common knowledge.  I’m having to seriously consider the possibility that reporters are just not very well educated people.

4 thoughts on “Clueless Reporters”

  1. Having dealt w/ journalism majors in college, I would support that statement. That, plus the daily evidence that they really don’t care about facts, just a good story.

  2. “I’m having to seriously consider the possibility that reporters are just not very well educated people.”

    Makes you wonder what the hell they studied for four years of college, doesn’t it?
    Half of them can’t write, can’t spell, can’t do math, and can’t do research, so what did they do in all that time?

  3. The difference is, these morons are trying to influence public opinion and policy and they have an unfettered podium to do so.

    Most journalists lack basic integrity and see themselves as “doing good in the world”, “changing the world”, etc rather than seeing themselves as having a duty to report “what”, “where”, “when” and “how” and leave the “why” up the reader. Or, at best, providing their opinion independent of the facts so the reader can have something to think about.

    As a result, this ignorance gets reported as truth and coupled with a populace conditioned by years of such reporting and a lack of critical thinking, these journalists wield power inversely proportional to their stupidity.

    And if they are called on what is obvious propaganda, they’ll maybe print a retraction or correction a week later buried somewhere where no one but those interested might notice it.

    Stuff like this should have never been reported as a story and should have been seen as an obvious lie or fabrication by the editor making the decision. But they don’t because their agenda of “the war is bad, Bush is evil” is more important than basic, honest reporting of facts.

    Spin is everything. Truth means nothing.

    And journalists wonder why they are viewed as a lower form of life than ambulance chasing lawyers? No mean feat giving the scum of the earth that is your typical ambulance chaser.

    Since everyone argues about “reasonable restrictions” on 2nd Amendment rights, I think such should be applied to the 1st Amendment. It’ll never happen but imagine legislation that holds “authorized journalists” responsible for the basic factual content of an article not flagged as an editorial/opinion. If editors could be sued or fined for lying out of their asses, you’d see the tenor and shape of news reporting change overnight.

    Sounds reasonable to me?

  4. If the second falls you can count on the first falling, along with all the rest. It will happen, if we don’t win.

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