A Challenge from Brady

This weekend I learned from David Codrea that the Brady’s have recruited Comedian Lewis Black to encourage people to make videos in regards to how they feel about gun violence.  I think David is correct that just submitting pro-gun videos to them wouldn’t do anything useful other than maybe making us feel better.

David suggests that he has some videos he made a while back, that he’d post online.  I think  it’s a great idea for us to make some video footage ourselves to make our own version of this.  If anyone wants to submit a video to YouTube, send me a link and I’ll build a collection of them.

The Brady’s have been trying out new media.  We’ve all seen their mistakes with their foray into blogging.  Now they are playing to their more traditional strengths, using celebrity notoriety to mobile supporters, but with a new media twist.  I think we ought to be showing we can match the Brady’s in the new media every step of the way.   What say you all?

By the way, I once attended a concert by Lewis Black in Upper Darby.  I thought his bit on candy corn was really amusing.  I was also legally concealing a 9mm pistol, and yet somehow didn’t manage to cause mass hysteria.  Lewis Black may be a talented comedian, but he needs to understand that firearms can be used for good or ill, it depends on the person that’s possessing it.

9 thoughts on “A Challenge from Brady”

  1. I have no idea who Lewis Black is. I would have thought the Brady crowd could have pulled out some A list pinko celeb for a stunt like this … Its always been our weakness, we have Charlton Heston, Tom Selleck, and Ted Nugent and they have the rest of Hollywood).

    If some no name comic is the best they can do, then maybe we’re that much closer to victory than I thought.

  2. I just wikipediad him.

    I’m even more convinced than ever that he’s a C lister (or worse).

  3. and, he seems to be a self proscribed Socialist.

    yep, the Brady’s really hit Gold with this one.

  4. He used to do a segment on the Daily Show. Or maybe he still does. I haven’t watched The Daily Show in many years. I always thought it was a good segment back in the days when The Daily Show was funny.

  5. I thought Lewis Black was a libertarian given some of his jokes. (Albeit, I have not seen his routine in a while.)

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