How Do You Say Bias in Hebrew?

A tale of two news stories.   First, from CNN:

A gunman broke into the Jewish seminary about 8:30 p.m., spraying automatic-weapons fire, authorities said. Most of the victims were students in their teens and 20s, medical officials said.

At least nine others were wounded before an off-duty Israel Defense Forces officer fatally shot the gunman, Jerusalem District Police commander Aharon Franko said.

Now From Haaretz:

A student at the Jerusalem yeshiva where eight people were killed in a terrorist attack Thursday evening shot the gunman who opened fire inside the religious school’s crowded library, neutralizing him before a soldier killed him with an automatic rifle.

Yitzhak Dadon said he climbed onto the roof of a nearby building, armed with a rifle, and waited for the gunman to emerge.

What CNN doesn’t tell you is that everyone is “off duty” IDF in Israel.  Can’t feed the idea that letting concealed carry license holders carry while attending university might actually help stop mass shooters now can we?  The Israelis don’t seem to have any illusion about how to make colleges and universities safer from mass shooters.  Why do we persist?

5 Responses to “How Do You Say Bias in Hebrew?”

  1. Carl in Chicago says:

    I’ve read some other US-based news stories that mentions one of the terrorists was killed by a student with his own gun.

    But it seems the MSM isn’t going to place much emphasis on that.

    Bringing that fact to light will be for the bloggers! :-)

  2. Bruce says:

    Wow. Anti-gun bias from CNN, that stalwart pillar of journalistic integrity. I’m stunned.

  3. Kathy says:



    (well, you asked. And I did have the resources available to find the answer)

  4. Linoge says:

    Would not want it coming out that one of the most effective ways of dealing with an armed terrorist/murderer is by allowing those people who desire to be armed to actually be armed… God alone knows what would happen then! Well, actually, they might have less stories to write about…

  5. ASM826 says:

    We are choosing to not carry the weapons we have to be in compliance with rules and laws. Choosing. Both by the politicians we have chosen to make our rules, and by following their unjust rules. Remember that if you ever really need that weapon, and your hand is empty.

    It is time to elect new leaders, and time to demand our rights back.