Let’s Play “Spot the PSH”

I’ll take Paul’s latest post:

A 36 year-old janitor belonging to the Aryan Nations shoots 200 rounds from two military-style semiautomatic weapons, killing his wife, a police officer and a church sexton.

Gotta get that assoication of gun ownership with racism in there eh Paul? Because if people believe all gun nuts are racist, they can continue to look down on us and give you money.

A disgruntled client of attorney Michael McKenna forces his way into a busy downtown office building, where he barricades himself inside and shoot and kills McKenna and two other employees. The shooter was killed after a gunfight with the SWAT team.

I thought guns were illegal in Chciago? How could this have happened?

A man first kills the mother of his child, then goes to his workplace and shoots three others to death before committing suicide.

Good to see all those workplace violence policies you folks have convinced HR clowns they need working out really well.

Tyler, Texas. February 2005. A gunman – wearing a bulletproof vest and a military flak jacket – shoots over 50 rounds with an AK-47 killing his wife and a bystander. The shooter’s son and three law enforcement officers are wounded in the gun battle.

What he doesn’t mention is that that the bystander that was killed saved the kid’s life by trying to take out the shooter with a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol, which, unfortunately, doesn’t penetrate body armor.

A fired worker shoots and kills six of his former co-workers with a .38 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

.38 is a revolver caliber. They don’t make semi-auto pistols in .38. He probably means .380, but we don’t expect people advocating for gun control to actually know anything about guns do we?

An angry employee, denied vacation because of a paperwork mix-up, shoots and kills a co-worker, wounding two others before killing himself. The shooter was armed with four handguns and had spent much of his spare time shooting at targets behind his home.

We must get everyone in workplaces fearful about people who target shoot. That way they can’t find jobs anywhere, will get fired, or what have you.

John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo randomly selected victims in sniper-style shootings – one acting as a long-range shooter from the trunk of their car. Muhammad and Malvo have been linked to 20 shootings, including 13 killings, in Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Arizona, Alabama, Louisiana, and Washington, D.C., many of which were carried out with a Bushmaster XM-15 semi-automatic assault rifle.

The rifle the DC snipers used was irrelevant. They could have used an antique bolt action rifle, because they only ever fired one shot. Good thing they didn’t, because antique bolt action rifles are much more powerful than a Bushmaster XM-15.

Wow, that’s a lot of mass shootings! Sure makes me glad I’m licensed to carry a firearm by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You’d think it’s dangerous out there from what Paul says.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Play “Spot the PSH””

  1. .38 is a revolver caliber. They don’t make semi-auto pistols in .38. He probably means .380, but we don’t expect people advocating for gun control to actually know anything about guns do we?

    The linked article says it was a .380. Not sure why Paul couldn’t be bothered to get that bit right.

    There is a .38 caliber cartridge for semi-autos though: .38 Super.

  2. Notice he didn’t use the one where an off duty officer went to his ex GF’s house and killed six people w/ his AR-15.

    Wonder why.

  3. I’ve seen reports saying the rifle in Omaha was an SKS and others say it’s an AK-47 “style”.

    Anyone know which it is?

  4. Makes me think that I need to disregard company rules and start carrying at work. I wonder why he doesn’t mention the axe and machete attacks by former co-workers, you see them in the paper, maybe crazy people will try to kill you even if they don’t have a gun.

  5. 38 semiauto:


    On the confusion:

    i read another article that stated he’d shown an SKS to the family he’d been staying with, so I’m thinking it was an SKS but the talking heads are going with “AK-47 style” because it sells more ads and more folks know what an AK-47 looks like than know what an SKS looks like.

  6. Or, it’s one of those SKS with a removeable magazine.

    They keep coming back to the “30 round magazine” thing, so it might be that.

  7. I think there are some .357 magnum semi-auto pistols. However, they are quite rare.

  8. Yesterday, 120 people died in motor vehicle accidents. And the day before that … and the day before that … and the day before that … etc.

    So Paul, how many more have to die before the government does the sensible thing and takes away everyone’s car?

  9. THe pics recently released look like he was using an AK-47 variant. Admittedly the pic is bad, but it looks like an AK profile.

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