Indian Chicks with Guns

They are part of a Village Defense Committee.

Gotta love the old lady with the Kalashnikov in the pictures if you click on the link and take a look at all of them. I think they need to give these ladies some fatigues too, because typical women’s clothing in India is about as good as carrying a flashing neon light that says “Shoot me!”

11 thoughts on “Indian Chicks with Guns”

  1. I think their clothes are camouflage. They are supposed to blend in with other Indian women.

  2. Don’t you find it remarkable that here in the “enlightened” west we haven’t learned the lessons of self defense and self reliance these women demonstrate?

    What does it say about us?

  3. I’d agree with you, except for the fact that guns are generally banned in India for the common folk. I’m going to guess when the Indian Army leaves, they’ll take the guns with them.

    UPDATE: This is wrong. See below comments.

  4. Of course their armed, They are tired of being sold by their husbands as “common property” ! …

  5. My source for that was an Indian coworker, who clearly knows about as much about his countries gun laws as people here do :)

    My statement was incorrect, let me fix it.

  6. From what I understand, guns are fairly restrictive, but can be bought if you jump through hoops.

    There is this:

    They are apparently restricted from buying imported guns, which tend to be higher quality than domestic guns. It says mostly shotguns are produced, which I assume are for farmers and whatnot (farmers always get guns).

  7. What do u mean by ur comment on typical women’s clothing in India?
    The outfits these women are wearing sure doesnt seem restrictive in any way!

  8. What I mean is that Indian clothing for women is very colorful and bright, which is the opposite of camouflage. If you were defending your village in that, you’d be an easy target.

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