An Indian NRA?

Looks like there’s a growing Right to Keep and Bear Arms movement in India. The second most populous country on the planet:

A 38-year-old software engineer, Singh founded the web forum,, which brought these Sunday afternoon firearm fans together. But in late 2009, his hobby took on a new urgency when the home ministry proposed several amendments to India’s 1959 Arms Act that would make it much more difficult to get a gun license and harder to buy ammunition. Already an old hand in disseminating editorials and raising petitions, Singh soon joined forces with another group — the National Association for Gun Rights India (NAGRI) — that’s modeled on America’s National Rifle Association and led by Haryana’s Naveen Jindal, a member of parliament who studied in Texas.

This has to have IANSA crapping their pants. I think it’s funny it’s a software engineer behind it. Computer people seem to have a particular disdain for nanny state policies in my experience, though that’s not as true today as I think it was a decade ago.

2 thoughts on “An Indian NRA?”

  1. “a member of parliament who studied in Texas”

    Ha. I can see he learned about firearms.

  2. I’ve often wondered how the Mumbai attacks would have gone down if 1-2% of the Indian population had been packing heat.

    Yeah, I know the attackers were heavily armed, but the citizens would have been incognito until they drew and started plinking. Could have gotten a drop on the terrorists. Even if they only took out half or a quarter of the attackers, it would have been better than cattle (or rabbis and their wives) led to the slaughter.

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