Garden and Gun Dog

I think this blogger is probably making a satire on the title of the magazine, but for those of us in flyover country, a “Gun Dog” is another term of hunting dog, who swims out into the water and retrieves the duck dinner you’ve just plucked out of the air with your shotgun, or who faithfully points or flushes a grouse out of the brush.  Anyone who’s ever owned a retriever can tell you how much they love jumping into the water to chase after things.  Hunting dogs are true companions to hunters.

Garden & Gun is actually a pretty upscale magazine, geared toward the rather wealthy hunter types.  You know the guys that bird hunt with the 15,000 dollar Perazzi 12 gauge, but are also into upscale home living lifestyle of gardening, cooking, etc.  There’s a magazine for everyone in America.

Maybe there would be a market for Garden and Gun Dog, for those wealthy hunter types that garden, hunt and own gun dogs. It could have fun articles like “How to Keep Your Short Haired Pointer from Digging up Your Prize Roses”.  Hopefully that wouldn’t involve a 12 gauge.

3 thoughts on “Garden and Gun Dog”

  1. I have a subscription to Garden & Gun – it makes perfect sense to me.

    Now if could just convince the Budget Committee a 12,000 dollar Perazzi is a “necessary” expense.

  2. Garden & Gun seems to capture the spirit of what outdoor life in the South is supposed to about. They cover great gardens, great hunting and fishing, great food and great Southern Cities. I only wish more people thought about “gun” like Garden & Gun.

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