Chicks with Guns

Over at GunPundit, the high school girl’s rifle team from Central High in Washington DC, circa 1922.  I’d be doubtful any of these ladies are still alive today.  He asks:

What’s with resting the rifle on the left-hand fingers? Just to pose for the photo? Or is/was that an accepted shooting stance?

I’ve seen people shoot like that.  To get the elbow down onto the hip if you have a long torso.  One of our best female indoor silhouette shooters shoots like that.  Any stance is valid if you can hit with it, I’d say.  I find I have to extend my fingers in such a manner to get my elbow on the hip bone, but I find it to be too unstable with fingers extended.

2 thoughts on “Chicks with Guns”

  1. I shoot M14 that way but I’m leaning back a bit. At my hight and weight it works. it’s solid bone to bone with the magazine resting on the heal of my hand. Breath control is really needed

  2. Way back when I did air rifle, I used that style, but rested the gun on my closed fist rather than my fingers. Of course, I was also wearing a very snug shooting jacket, which helps immeasurably – still have not found a comfortable upright shooting position for my M1A.

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