Knights Armament PDW

Joseph has links to some pictures of the Knights Armament PDW.   Looks like Knights went with a more traditional approach, and basically has produced a variant of the standard assault rifle, only with a shorter barrel and firing an intermediate cartridge.  One advantage to going this way is that the rifle can have iron sights.

I’m more of a fan of the compact PDW platform.  I’d rather see a bullpup style config, with the trigger forward.  I think a certain compactness should be key to the PDW concept.

4 Responses to “Knights Armament PDW”

  1. Joseph says:

    I personally like the P90, you just can’t get the good ammo here; plus, the Knight’s an extra 100 meters of effective range against body armor. If they ever release an SBR version for us lowly civvies, I’d definitely buy one (providing that I had the cash).

  2. GeorgeH says:

    I had a couple of the original Bushmaster Armpistols back in the early ’70s.

    The prototypes for the Air force were in 221 Fireball rather than .223 and in that caliber would still make a nice PDW for those who want a wimpy weapon.
    One in 10mm would do everything I could want.

  3. Alcibiades says:

    I rather liked Ahab’s plan to put a bull-pup stock on a Ruger 10/22. Sure, it may not pack much punch, but it should be relatively handy and accurate.

  4. English says:

    People who favour the bullpup try using one -for real. If you’ve got to dash out of a car you want compact – and bullpup gives you that extra barrel length. But the ergonomics suck – subcarbines are generally last ditch territory – you are going to be using every mag you’ve got. Try keeping ready when you’ve got to fumble in your armpit to change. Hey, I lose accuracy and a bit of punch with a conventional mag port. I’ll _live_ with that to keep firing. Knights/TSWG have selected a more powerful round for CQB – still got enough reach to tackle your average AK wiggler. I’ll go with that – sadly I think top brass and the accountants won’t. Wonder what it takes for one to fall of the back of a humvee in Florida?