Bitching about Parker Appeal

This time, from the other side.  Of course, he’s wrong that it was the NRA that filed suit.  The NRA was actually pretty opposed to the idea.  It was filed by attorneys who were unassociated with the NRA.

 he appeal of the DC gun ban, however, looks likely to renew the debate over the meaning of the Second Amendment. Gun control advocates had urged DC not to appeal their loss in the Appellate Court (which ruled that the Second Amendment did indeed protect the registered gun in your home – that the 1930 opinion was wrong or misconstrued) in order to avoid having the US Supreme Court ratify the appellate decision.

So they were pressured not to go for cert!  Or at least this person seems to think so.  But I don’t think the DC circuit said anything about registration being OK.  And I’m pretty sure that Miller never endorsed anything other than the individual rights argument.

One thought on “Bitching about Parker Appeal”

  1. Actually I think Silberman said that registration for the purpose of enumerating the available militia would be ok. I don’t agree but I think th founding fathers might.

    When I can order militia weapons over the internet or phone and have them shipped to my house without taxes,part counts, FFLs or registration I MIGHT consider telling them yes or no. Details are none of their business.
    Take the F out of the BATFU and let me order what I want worldwide, then we’ll THINK about it.

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