What is This? Pre-Soviet Russia?

Can we get the political establishment to please banish the term Czar from the vernacular?   Can we get people to agree to toss politicians who suggest we need a [insert favorite issue here] Czar out of their asses?

Via Hit and Run:

A leading critic of China in the U.S. Senate called on Sunday for creation of a new American “import czar,” saying the current maze of federal oversight has failed to protect consumers against harmful Chinese imports.

A statement issued by Schumer’s office said federal agencies including the Food and Drug Administration have proven ineffective at protecting American consumers from dangerous Chinese products including pet food and toothpaste tainted with industrial chemicals.

“There are more than a half dozen federal agencies responsible for monitoring, testing, and blocking dangerous or tainted shipments,” the Schumer statement said.

It’s bad enough we have a drug czar.  Do we need more?  I’m starting to think I’m mistaken in my impression I live in a free country.  Kerry Howley tears that one apart.   Read the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “What is This? Pre-Soviet Russia?”

  1. Agreed.

    And isn’t the proper spelling, tsar? Granted I’ve taken a Russian history course or two, so my opinion might be skewed.

    Think its more evidence that the federal government can’t do its job of protecting its citizens (ie us). We don’t need more levels of government, we just need actual enforcement/checking of the crap that is already in place.

    What’s with this hand basket?

  2. We should use the traditional American term “robber baron” in its place, it’s more accurate, descriptive, and transparent.

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