You’re a Blogger Right?

I have to admit, my muse has gone on vacation too.  But I haven’t so run out of things to say that I’m resorting to posting what the trolls say on the blog.  When you get people posting crazy stuff, just ignore it.  That’s what most of us do.  I mean, I’ll gladly approve someone who disagrees with me, even if it sounds a bit nuts, but if you’re completely off the reservation, to the point where I don’t know what you’re saying or why you’re babbling, the “Spam” button works pretty well for that.

In defense of the Brady Campaign, I think that was probably an actual comment, though I see some people are skeptical of this.  You’re probably seeing what they don’t approve.   But still, we all get crazy stuff as comments from time to time.  This is like having show and tell at an elementary school, and the Brady’s are the kid that brings a pencil.  We’ve seen it before, and we all have one.

5 thoughts on “You’re a Blogger Right?”

  1. I’ve only had one troll and all he did was shout obscenities, there wasn’t a coherent string among anything – so I didn’t consider him much more than a guy who would argue with a lamppost – and lose.

  2. Paul’s just upset because as much as he cries “we’re winning” he’s having his pee-pee smacked on nearly every front. “Castle Doctrine”, CCW reciprication, banning stings, and today w/ the continuation of the Tiahrt Amendment was just too much for him to handle.

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