Some Advocacy Tips

When engaging in advocacy in public, particularly in places where you’re not around other gun people, but are around the general public, it’s importnat to remember SayUncle’s wisdom, and stay away from the crazy stuff.   From the Brady Blog, I noticed some people linked to this.

Now, you and I both know JPFO puts out stuff like this all the time, but if I showed this to any of my coworkers, they’d say “That’s totally nuts.  It’s disgusting.”   Most people aren’t going to get that a Jewish gun rights organization put a lot of that stuff out there.   It’s going to get spun as “The gun nuts are using the holocaust to push their political agenda.” by the other side.

So think before you post stuff.   Don’t think how your buddies at the gun club would take it.   Think about how ordinary non-gun people you work with would take it.  Our goal is to educate, not to shock people, and the imagery on that web page are shocking.  I do think it’s important to point out that gun control enables genocide, but be careful how you go about it.  It’s one thing to link to JPFO directly, but we have to be very careful about using their stuff outside of their context.