Bush Report Omits Gun Control

The President’s report on the Virginia Tech tragedy has largely omitted gun control.

Though the report said the government should do a better job ensuring data is entered into the federal database used to approve gun purchases, officials did not propose or study possible changes to gun control laws.

“That really wasn’t within the purview of what they decided that they’re going to look at,” White House spokesman Tony Snow said.

He said such questions are better left to state governments and noted that Virginia has its own inquiry into the shooting.

I’ve often been critical of the administration for not doing enough for us, particularly on getting control of federal agencies that deal with our issue.   But probably the best thing Bush has been willing to do for us is by what he hasn’t done, which is use the bully pulpit of The White House to make calls for stricter gun regulations.   We shouldn’t underestimate the benefit of that, and should underestimate how much it hurt the cause to have Clinton doing that after every tragedy.