Shift This, Ed!

Rendell is proposing another tax shift plan.  Truth be told, I like it better than the last one, but hey, how about we cut spending to fund property tax relief?   There’s plenty of states that get away with a far lower tax burden, that have just as many big cities as Pennsylvania does (think Texas).

Gov. Ed Rendell is advocating a 1 percentage point increase in the state sales tax to deliver more than $1 billion in property tax cuts, his office said Wednesday.Spokesman Chuck Ardo confirmed the governor’s position, which Rendell stated on KDKA Radio host Kevin Miller’s show earlier this week.

In his February budget address, Rendell proposed using about two-thirds of the revenue from a sales tax boost to balance his spending plan. The remainder would have been used to offset property tax cuts.

No, no, you don’t get to use 2/3rds of the increase to fund your pet spending projects.   That either all goes to other tax relief, or you can go to hell.  I am quite sick of having my taxes increased to cover spending increases.

2 thoughts on “Shift This, Ed!”

  1. This is all the more reason why I should go down to Delaware to buy non-essential purchases. Screw Fast Eddie Rendell and his bullshit tax “shifting” policies.

  2. And what of the Turnpike? Still going to sell it to a private company?

    Fsck property taxes… they’re cheap. How about relief from the school taxes? I pay $4k+ a year to a school district that is cutting ~60 administrative jobs due to financial problems. I pay much more in school taxes than property taxes.

    Think cutting property taxes is only to make the ‘snow birds’ happy.

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