The Bush Sell Out

Via War on Guns a quite good editorial taking The Administration to task for its brief:

Which raises the question:  What the heck was the Bush Administration thinking?  For decades, a critical component of the Republican coalition has been working class gun owners who are bothered by the Democrats’ embrace of gun control.  Republicans actually seem to have won that battle, with Democrats backing off of gun control legislation in the recent Congress.  Why after enduring so much hostile press would the Bush Administration sell out the NRA at this critical juncture?  And why make the reversal in a difficult election year, when the support of gun control opponents will be so critical to Republican fortunes?

What’s it have to lose selling anyone out at this point?  Bush is about as lame duck as they come, and I’ve never gotten the impression he’s all that concerned about his party’s fortunes.  The Bush family are wealthy New Englanders with no real connection to the gun culture.  As the article points out:

The less generous answer lies in the reality of the Bush Administration.  Contrary to the caricatures painted by liberals, there are precious few issues that the Administration has not sold the Right out on.  No Child Left Behind, the prescription drug benefit, monstrous budget deficits, McCain-Feingold, Patient’s Bill of Rights . . . all of these issues cross the gamut of modern politics, and all of them are issues where the Bush Administration’s Rovian plotting has placed it at loggerheads with standard conservatism.  Even on judges, where the Administration usually wins plaudits, conservatives forget Harriet Miers, and forget that two of Bush’s first ten Court of Appeals appointments were Clinton appointees.  Is it really that hard to believe that the Administration would lurch to the left on the issue of guns?

No, not hard to believe, but we still get to be pissed.

4 Responses to “The Bush Sell Out”

  1. Gary says:

    “The Bush family are wealthy New Englanders with no real connection to the gun culture.”

    Good point. Remind you of anyone else?

    Oh man, the future is so dim, please…someone turn on a light.

  2. Yosemite Sam says:

    “Oh man, the future is so dim, please…someone turn on a light”

    No less dim then in 1979 or in 1993 for that matter. Bush is what he is and was never a conservative. Remember, that his daddy coined the term voodoo economics to describe Reagan’s supply side economics. He just sucked less than the other choices. Remember also, that it took 4 years of a horrible Carter presidency to get Reagan elected. This country has embraced Socialism for a long time and conservatives will always have a tough fight.

  3. Ian Argent says:

    As long as people believe gun laws are laxer than they are (both in print and in effect) we will get stupid pandering.