It’s Smart Politics for Them

Ahab is pissed that the Brady Campaign got so much airtime last night on CBS.  Their job is no doubt made much easier by a fawning media.  They will definitely play down the NRA’s involvement in the bill, because if they have to go back to their donors and say “We can only pass things that the NRA signs off on.” it’ll be a serious problem for them.

But it does make some sense for them to play the NRA angle in regards to future controls, because it damages the NRA with its membership to even be seen to be working with the Brady’s.   The prospect of the NRA “selling out” lives large among much of the NRA’s membership, and by the Brady’s offering up the possibility of more deals, it actually weakens the NRA.

The Brady organizations are many things, but they certainly aren’t stupid.

2 thoughts on “It’s Smart Politics for Them”

  1. The NRA wouldn’t have so many people worrying about them selling us down the river if they hadn’t done it before.
    It was 25 years after the sellout of ’68 before I could bring myself to re-join.

  2. I think “irritated and not even a little surprised” would accurately sum up my mood.

    And I agree, stupid is not an appellation I’d apply to the Brady Bunch. If anyone is good at playing to public misconceptions, it’s them.

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