Love Hurts

You know it’s a slow news day in the gun blogosphere when I’m resorting to linking to college papers.  This one tells us that love can hurt:

For those who carry guns to protect your family I think you probably love your family so much it hurts… hurts them and all of us in society. Real love is based not on fear but on hope. My high school journalism teacher was shot by an elementary school student who had access to a gun. I grieve for both since they are both the victims of a lack of gun control.

I’m pretty sure they were victims of a deranged murderer.   And, you know, since people like that are out there, I’d really rather not depend on “hope” to protect me.  That’s how you end up at these people’s mercy, and that’s not for me.

Three of my cousins graduated from Virginia Tech recently and I am thankful that guns are not allowed on the VT campus. Allowing students to carry guns on VT campus would have not prevented the massacre, rather only made more people victims and more people shooters. Cho would have been more successful if he had an opponent.

Do these people even stop for a moment to seriously consider what they are saying here?  How stupid and incompetent do you have to think your fellow citizens are to even claim something this absurd?

I for one, am rather sick of the anti-gun people harping on Virginia Tech.  We’re really not going to see a sea change in gun laws over this.  That much is obvious now.   A few states, and maybe the feds, are going to move to tinker with mental health data and the background check system, but that’s as far as it’s going to go.   Get over it.  I’m tired of talking and reading about it.

3 thoughts on “Love Hurts”

  1. “Real love is based not on fear but on hope”

    Ah, Hope. as in “I hope I have a gun when some whack job starts shooting up the place.”

  2. I thought guns are allowed on the campus, to security staff and CCW-licensed visitors, just not students or faculty.

  3. It’s university policy rather than state law. It works in the same way in Pennsylvania. Penn State will ask you to leave campus if they find a gun on you, but they can’t arrest you for having a concealed weapon.

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