Bat Control

It looks as if baseball bat control could be coming to the Keystone State.

Protecting kids from injury is the top priority, said Carroll, who represents Luzerne and Monroe counties and is an assistant coach on his son’s Little League team.

Of course, it’s for the Children.  I’m glad to see that all the other problems in our state have been dealt with, that our legislators can now feel free to turn their attention to the menace of aluminum baseball bats.  I played with aluminum bats when I was a kid.  I also didn’t always wear a helmet!  I got beamed with a ball once too.   Some would say this explains a lot.

The Representative who is sponsoring this legislation’s name is Mike Carroll, and he’s a freshman Democrat from the Wilkes-Barre area, out to show the world how much he cares, apparently.   He can be contacted here if you’d like to tell him what you think about this steaming piece of crap legislation.

2 thoughts on “Bat Control”

  1. I actually support the banning of aluminum bats in high school and college sports. For Little Leage…eh… whatever. The kids can’t hit yet, and I doubt parents are willing to keep dropping $40 when the bat breaks. But in high school and college you have big teenagers and 20-somethings hitting 90 mph fastballs with aluminum bats and someone is going to get killed if it hasn’t happened already.

    Another reason why I’m in favor of banning aluminum bats in high school and college is that I’m a baseball purist. The aluminum bats yield awful hitters when they are forced to use wood. You don’t get negative feedback (aka pain in your hands) with an aluminum bat when you hit it wrong.

  2. If the NCAA, Little League, or high school sporting organizations decided to ban the use of aluminum bats on their own, I’d be fine with that. What I object to is the government coming in and mandating it. Even if Carroll were limiting this to public school sports, I would have less of an issue, since the schools are government run. But this applies to private athletic clubs too, as far as I can tell.

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