I Love Being Protested

I’ve never been to an NRA meeting that had a serious protest. A few stragglers showed up last year, and did one of those morbid “lie-ins.” This year it looks like there are going to try to organize a whole bonafide rally, organized by the Unitarian Church. I will let our protest be the 65,000+ people who are bound to show up in Pittsburgh. I think that’ll send a stronger message to the politicians than any sad display they may put on outside of Annual Meeting.

I love it when our opponents do this stuff. Why? Because it helps motivate our own people, to know they are hated and loathed for valuing an important constitutional right, and enjoying a hobby. Let them show themselves to be the radical prohibitionists they are. I can’t think of anything that will help the NRA more than that happening right outside their Annual Meeting. They are shooting for 300 people. To be honest, I’ll be surprised if they managed 1/3rd that number.

But 300 seems to be the magic number. For instance, Heeding God’s Call was all about protesting gun shops in Philly this weekend, claiming 300 people. Thirdpower has some photos of protest up on his blog, and it looks like an order of magnitude fewer people. I’ve been to gun blogger events with more people than that.

I am very pleased with our opponents having to wrap themselves up with the peace movement in order to keep some semblance of a cause alive. That pushes them farther and farther out of the mainstream, and I think that will only benefit us.

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  1. All you have to do is make gun ownership a religious position, and the Unitarians’ heads will explode trying to rationalize how they can still oppose it…

  2. The last decent protest at one of these things was in Pittsburgh in 2004. I put on my college t-shirt and went to infiltrate & photograph. I loved when the ACLU representative tried to argue that I wasn’t allowed to take photos on public streets & sidewalks.

  3. Less than 300 vs. about 65,000? I think Sun Tzu would advise them to conceal their deficiency of numbers and not reveal their weakness to their enemies, so that they might seem to be more numerous and mighty than they are.
    It’s good to have ignorant opponents.

  4. Realistically, I would put their numbers at about 100 in front of Delia’s last Friday. There were maybe a couple of dozen Delia’s supporters there, which is pretty good considering it was a weekday and during working hours.

  5. Chas,

    Sun Tzu would laugh at the utter ridiculousness of the anti-guns, and crush every single one of them himself with a crude rusted long copper sword.

    The Second Anonymous

  6. “All you have to do is make gun ownership a religious position, and the Unitarians’ heads will explode trying to rationalize how they can still oppose it…”

    But it is a religious position! I discovered the duty to self defense when I read an essay by Jeff Snyder, “A Nation of Cowards”. God gave us life, and we have the responsibility to defend that life, and the life of others, so long as we are innocent. Additionally, as described in the Declaration of Independence, we have a God-given duty to remove oppressive government, if it is in our power.

    Thus, I have a duty to own a pistol, a rifle, and possibly a shotgun, be trained in the use of my arms, and be ready at all times to defend the life of the innocent.

    And, since I have a duty to teach my children to fear God, it naturally follows that I must teach my children these things as well.

    God commands it, so I must obey.

  7. Sounds like the South Bay Open Carry event last Thursday in Pasadena, Kali. About 60 or 70 SBOCers showed up vs about 5 or 6 Bradys

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