The Answer is Gun Control

I wish more psychologists were like Dr. Helen rather than this guy.

The Virginia Tech shooter used a Glock 19 semi-automatic weapon and a Walther. In less than 10 minutes he fired approximately 170 bullets. In the face of such firepower, do even the most ardent technophiles really believe that quicker communication systems could deliver people to safety?

Never claimed that, but I certainly do think someone capable of returning fire sure could have.

Our nation’s strategy for securing peace in other parts of the world includes ridding violent societies, such as Afghanistan or Iraq, of the widespread weapons that undermine their peace.

Actually, we’re taking weapons from belligerents.  Households are permitted to have a fully automatic AK-47 to defend themselves and their families.  Want to talk about bringing that kind of “gun control” to our shores?

One thought on “The Answer is Gun Control”

  1. Also, if I remember correctly, each household in Iraq is permitted to have one handgun.

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