Lost Finale

Most unexpected twist ever.  All along you’re wondering when they are flashing back to, and they are flashing forward, or is it sideways maybe?   The odd thing is, Jack’s dad is still alive in this parallel Lost universe.  I’m also wondering who died?  No one showed up at his funeral.  For some reason, I’m guessing it’s Ben.

3 thoughts on “Lost Finale”

  1. Heh.. posting spoilers right after the show ends. Screw those peeps on the west coast.

    Was Jack’s dad alive? He said something like “Go get my dad…” but he still could have been dead. As for the funeral, I’m guessing it’s Sawyer.

  2. I’ll give it best episode of this season (though this season was pretty bad), but I’m still getting a Chris Carter feeling about Lost. We’ll see if the writers really do have some idea what’s going on, or whether they’ve been flying by the seats of their pants every week.

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