Virginia This Weekend

I’ll be traveling to see Bitter this weekend.  We haven’t seen each other in three weeks now, because of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, and because of Bitter ditching me last weekend, only to get ditched by the friend she ditched me for.   It was a chain reaction of ditching.

But this weekend it’s Virginia or Bust.  We have a Halloween party to go to on Saturday night, but if anyone else has suggestions for DC area things to do, I’m all ears.  I’ve been itching to do a hike to admire the fall colors.  Is there any good hiking in or near Fairfax county?

5 thoughts on “Virginia This Weekend”

  1. We also have a party tonight, too.

    Oh, and you’re ignoring the link to the corn maze I sent to you. :)

  2. Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday. There will be massive street closures in DC and Arlington.

  3. It more depends on whether you like your hiking wet or dry; right now, WMAL is saying it’ll be wet until Sunday.

  4. Hit Skyland Meadows State Park (which is right next to GH Thompson WMA) and then you might be able to stop off at Naked Mountain VIneyard (to name one of the dozens around there).

    check out for more fun fall hiking ideas in Virginia.

    Wish I could join you, Ill be deer hunting Saturday morning (real early) and then hoping in the car to drive to Jersey.

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