Gonzalez Sucks Round IV

The Brady Campaign are singing the praises of our Attorney General:

Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, wrote to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez yesterday praising a Justice Department legislative proposal that would help prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms and urging passage of the related legislation by Congress.

Paul Helmke knows a political gift when he sees it, and Gonzalez handed it to him on a silver platter. Come out against the bill, and the meme is “The NRA and the gun nuts want terrorists to have guns!”, and the media will happily lap it up and repeat it. Helmke can count on no one criticizing the administration for, once again, trampling on constitutional liberties in the name of the “War on Terror”.

This is the administration that was supposed to be so good for our second amendment rights? Given the three stooges the Republicans are currently putting out there for 2008, I’m seriously wondering if I need to switch my registration to Democrat from Independent so I can vote for Bill Richardson in the primaries.

This isn’t about terrorists getting guns, it’s about due process, and this proposal makes a mockery of our constitution.

One thought on “Gonzalez Sucks Round IV”

  1. Hey aren’t people actually convicted already banned from gun ownership? And isn’t ANY restriction on your action supposed to be subject to due process, in other words a trial? So what would this actually achieve? Probably a politically partisan “shit list” to harrass whoever makes trouble for the elite.

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