Sunday Photoblogging

The USS Winston Churchill, which was docked at Penn’s Landing this weekend and which Bitter and I took a tour of. Apparently Armed Canadian was there as well, but we missed him.
USS Winston Churchill. An Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer.
Ma Deuce watching for trouble. Compared to the nine 16″ guns of the New Jersey, moored across the Delaware in Camden, the 5″ gun of the USS Winston Churchill looks puny by comparison, but the Churchill’s gun has more sophisticated fire control, and carries quite a contingent of guided missiles in the tubes in the deck just behind.
You can see the phased array radar system that’s one of the signatures of the Aegis combat system.
Phallanx close-in weapons system.

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  1. It should have been easy to spot any Canadians due to their flapjack heads*.

    *See South Park.

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