Talking About Militias

The New York Times is running a series, which isn’t too bad. They at least talk to Robert Churchill, who understands the differences between the various groups. One other thing I’m happy to see is academics acknowledging that the government missteps, crimes and cover-ups at Ruby Ridge and Waco contributed to the rise of militia groups. The left shouldn’t just outright dismiss the concerns about criminal actions by law enforcement as just a bunch of right-wing nuttery. That’s something every American should be concerned about. When the people see their government commit crimes, and then not only fail to see the perpetrators held accountable, but so see them promoted while misdeeds are covered up, it undermines people’s faith in the system to the point where they believe drastic action is necessary. Given that pool of anger and resentment, you’re always going to find charlatans and opportunists willing and able to pour gasoline over the fire.

3 thoughts on “Talking About Militias”

  1. I’m not surprised to see them with a total blind-spot for the Left’s own militia-tools, the anti-capitalist Anarchists, and the bourgeoisie-hate groups like ALF and ELF in specific, and the regiments of SEIU troops in general.
    Is it only because they “play in the city” and not in the forest, that those who are “wrapped, at the core of virtually all of such revolutionary groups, in the Molotov cocktail” – that they are ignored?

  2. I agree. I certainly don’t call complaints of “criminal actions by law enforcement [as] just a bunch of right-wing nuttery. It’s a serious problem which compounds (excuse the pun) the other serious problem.

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