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Mike S. Adams of Townhall has an idea on how to prevent future tragedies:

Because there are two ways to buy a handgun in North Carolina (with a CCW or with a one-time pistol purchase permit) there are two types of people who are able to buy guns; 1) Those with a CCW who have been subjected to criminal background checks, have released full medical and psychiatric records, and have taken a firearms safety course. 2) Those who obtained a purchase permit by submitting to a criminal background check, without releasing medical and psychiatric records, and without taking a firearms safety course.

At this point in the column I’m ready to unleash the first three steps in my four-step proposal for preventing mass killings on college campuses. The first two steps will not surprise my readers but the third will:

All states should allow citizens to apply for a CCW. All states should allow those with a CCW to buy guns without a separate pistol purchase permit.
All states should eliminate pistol purchase permits immediately.

So you’re suggesting that we license gun owners, essentially.  How is that different from what the gun controllers are suggesting?  You don’t license a right.

Hat Tip to War On Guns

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