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Go take a look at this video of Fred Thompson.   Can someone tell me whether one of these kids is playing with padding from a bra?  I’m just wondering.


Now, I have to tell you.   If I’m 65, and I’m hitting that, I’m doing pretty well in life.  And that’s not to lend credibility to the trophy wife meme.  Jeri, unlike some other candidate wives, has the brains to back up the looks.  And at least she doesn’t seem to be calling Fred on a regular basis while he’s making speeches.

See the rest of the interviews here, via Glenn.

6 thoughts on “Thompson Video”

  1. I’m curious; why do you think she has ‘brains?’

    This article indicates quite the opposite–that, despite a lack of actual qualifications, she rose on the basis of her looks and her, uh, associations with rich men.

  2. So? I got where I am based on my association with Bitter. But I’d like to think I do a good job in my own right at the little niche I’ve tried to carve out for myself.

  3. Looks like the shoulder pads from a lady’s suit. Do they even make those foolish things anymore?

    But that’s what it looks like

  4. Again, the claim is that she has “brains.” I’m asking for evidence of same. It really appears to me that she’s done little in the brains dept. but trade upon her looks to finally get hitched to a Hollywood politico.

    I’d also remind folks that before she married Fred–she was Ted Olson’s girlfriend about 3 months after his wife was killed in 9/11.

  5. I don’t see why both can’t be true–she’s obviously confident, articulate and understands politics. She’s clearly no dummy…

    But she can also be a crafty gold digging manipulator at the same time. They’re hardly mutually exclusive. In fact, contrary to what Jadegold is hinting at, they often go hand in hand.

  6. I thought it was a plastic bowl, actually, like the kids had been eating something right before they went on air. It’s amazing what kids turn into toys, though.

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