Four Million Dollar Man

I have to offer congratulations to Congressman Ron Paul for raising more money in a single day than any of the other Republican candidates.  I agree with Bitter that fund raising success won’t necessarily translate into electoral success, but it better at least signal to the Republican establishment that libertarian ideals, and a committed and passionate stand in favor of them can bring something to the table.

I am still a Fred Thompson supporter, but to be honest, I was expecting Fred to hit the ground running once he announced, and lately, it just kind of seems like he’s phoning it in.  I’m not sure Fred is going to make it, and given the choice between Ron Paul, Guiliani, Romney, or registering as a Democrat to vote for Richardson, Ron Paul is starting to look better and better.

To be honest, if there weren’t a war going on, it wouldn’t even be a question, but there is.  I elect a President with two major considerations; who they are going to put on the Supreme Court, and their foreign policy.  I think I dig Ron Paul on the former, but his views on the latter scare me.  But then again, this might end up just being a message to the Republican Party that I’m sick of their crap, and want something different.

4 thoughts on “Four Million Dollar Man”

  1. My issues with Ron Paul are twofold – his foreign policy, and, honestly, the company he keeps. I have not heard nor seen one iota of a repudiation of some of those whom back him ( Now, there’s a difference between inaction when endorsed by the likes of Hutton Gibson, but when you are, at least facially, taking or able to take donations organized through such a group, that does demand a response.

    Now, if it came to Paul v. Hillary!, I hear there’s a good chap to write in: Ham Sandwich – if he doesn’t get the PWC Commonwealth Attorney job.

  2. Ron Paul isn’t a rabid pacifist. He has indicated that he would vigorously prosecute any war that congress told him to fight. He just resents presidents going off and bombing without any clear goals in mind.

    And he isn’t talking about putting a wall up around the country. He wants free trade and lots of contact with other countries. He just thinks that it isn’t necessary to bomb people to spread democracy and capitalism. Looking at vietnam, I would say he is correct.

  3. Ron Paul voted in favor of going to war in Afghanistan, but against the war in Iraq. He’s not a rabid pacifist at all. Indeed, I’d say his platform would increase our security. He wants to reduce our exposure overseas, make our army more cohesive, and strengthen our borders/national sovereignty. He’s given no indication that he would abdicate his responsibilities as Commander in Chief of the armed forces.

  4. I too am a bit underwhelmed so far by Fred. I hope he gets it in gear. I am torn on RP though. I do like him alot and have moved from certain to vote Fred to maybe voting RP instead. Have to see how this shapes up.

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