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Every time I start thinking about getting a new pistol to carry, instead of my Glock, I always end up ditching the idea, because I don’t really like much else out there.  I’m only looking at pistols with modern actions and polymer frames.   I’ve never been too keen on regular carry of a DA/SA, DAO or SA.

I tried the S&W M&P line.   Damn nice pistols, but I just didn’t like the trigger pull all that much.  I thought the break was a little sloppier than the Glock.  I noticed on some of the display models they had, the slide lock release was really tough to push down.  I would take the M&P over a lot of other offerings.  I think it’s the second best pistol I tried.

H&K P2000 LEM I didn’t really care for.  The trigger pull with the hammer “cocked” was too light.  I prefer a trigger to have a smooth, rather light take up, then a heavier, but clean break.  The P2000 trigger I think broke pretty cleanly, but at too light a pull.  The one good thing about the LEM trigger is if you fire, and nothing happens, instead of having to rack the slide, you can just fire again, only with a heavier, double action type pull.   That is kind of nice.   But I won’t buy any H&K stuff unless they start making civilianized versions of their cool stuff.  Their booth only featured pistols.   None of their cool stuff.

If I was going to ditch the Glock, the one gun I’d most prefer to do it for is the Springfield XD series.   These felt very Glock-like to me in terms of feel, trigger pull, and overall operation.  There wasn’t much I didn’t like about them.

The Walther P99 just wasn’t really for me either.   I had a hard time telling where the trigger was going to break.  Other than that, not too bad, but it’s a bulky pistol.

I think I’ll be sticking with Glocks though, to be honest.   It’s just what I’m used to, and while there are other fine pistols on the market out there, I’m just probably too wed to Glock a this point to switch.   I’d love to test shoot a Springfield XD series sometime, and a S&W M&P series.  I think those are the two most solid American alternatives just based on a quick feel.

2 thoughts on “On The Floor – Pistols”

  1. I definitely like my XD over my GLOCK. The big thing for me is the ease of taking the gun apart for cleaning, the XD has it all over the GLOCK.

  2. Vote for the XD here too – although it isn’t American!
    Made, very well, in Croatia.

    The grip angle is more 1911 than glock, and the grip safety makes holstering less dangerous for the right thigh…

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