Kahr P380

Looks like Kahr arms has jumped into the pocket rocket market with a .380 as well.  I’m still debating on whether to get a pistol of this class myself.  I’ve typically carried around a Glock 19, almost exclusively, because I don’t enjoy shooting small guns, and figure I won’t practice enough with one.  But I’ll tell you, it’s tough in the summer.  There are ways to make a Glock 19 disappear in summer attire, but if you want to look more dressy, and be comfortable, a pocket rocket is just what you need.

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5 thoughts on “Kahr P380”

  1. I’ve shot mini 380s and found them to be surprisingly abusive. I’d shoot one side by side with a comparable nine before going with one. if they aren’t easier on the hands, take the extra power and run.

  2. A KelTec P32 is what I started carrying after getting my CCW. I was worried about ‘being made’ while carrying so I gave myself about a year carrying that before buying an XD subcompact & worked my way into carrying it. Now I’ve purchased a KelTec PF9 since I was never happy about the power of the P32. I have never ‘been made’ while pocket carrying either Keltec. It’s quite liberating in a way, not worrying about bending over to tie my shoe, etc.

    However, I don’t find pocket carry very effective in jeans. The pockets are too tight & the angle isn’t good. I usually end up wearing cargo pants which work much better. I still carry my XD when wearing jeans, or just cuz I feel like it.

  3. The only “abusive” mini-380’s are the ones that are blowbacks.(remember the Grendel?) The Locked breach keltec p3at is very pleasant to shoot. I had one and fired over 200 rnds thru it. Those saying different are probably just speculating and not speaking from experience, which is not very helpful. I regret not keeping it but easy come easy go. I am very interested in the copy now being made by Ruger and the new Kahr p380. I’ll take 6rnds of 380 from a smaller package over 5 rnds of 38 spl any day. Since most gunfights happen at 10 ft or less how much practical accuracy is really required. If it is easy to carry your more likely to actually carry it instead of make excuses not to.

  4. Everyone in my family – wife, daughters, self, carry Kahrs – with complete confidence and satisfaction. If I wanted a smaller pistol I’d pick the Kahr P380. However, the PM9 that conceals completely with a DeSantis “Tuck This” holster and well enough in my hip pocket with a “Nemisis”, will remain my “everywhere and all the time” gun.

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