On The Floor

We hit the floor of the NRA convention this morning. Bitter had some business to take care of with Cam Edwards, and I headed off to talk to the guy at the Wolf booth about why it was so hard to find 5.45×39 for my AK-74. Interestingly also, the FBI has a NICS booth set up with an interesting brochure with statistics in it. I’ll go through it later and see if there’s anything to blog. We ran into Evan Nappen and Dave Hardy on the floor so far.

Dave had media credentials, and told us the NRA is giving them out to bloggers. All it takes is a business card. Maybe next year.

Later when I get a chance I’ll blog about the membership drive meeting we just went to with Sandy Froman, John “The Stache” Bolton, Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, and several industry CEOs, including Mike Golden, CEO of Smith & Wesson. Good stuff there to relay, but for now we have to get to the Budweiser plant for a VIP tour.

BTW, rumor has it that Mayor Dickhead himself will be coming down from New York City to speak at the AHSA press conference. I was hoping to see if we could hire those AHSA guys to go hold up NRA signs at their conference, but they were gone by the time we got back. I guess the AHSA only paid up until morning.

UPDATE: Turns out that Bloomberg was in New York today.  So the rumor was just that it seems.   I’ll see if I hear anything more about the AHSA press conference.

2 thoughts on “On The Floor”

  1. Why not this year?

    Most any office supply store will have business card stock you can run through a color printer. IIRC Avery even has the Word templates on line for the downloading. If you can find access to a printer, you can make profesional cards up in abut 30 minutes.


  2. It’s not that big a deal to me. I have “Sebastian” on my name badge, followed by my real name. The only thing a media badge gets me is a cool “MEDIA” thing on top, and my blog name on the bottom. Cool, but not so cool that I feel like finding a kinkos. One thing about downtown St. Louis is that it’s kind of dead, and mostly office space.

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