On The Floor – FN FS2000

I decided to check out the FN booth.   FN is making some pretty cool stuff these days.   First I checked out the FS2000.


It’s very interesting, and certainly slick looking.  But when it comes to rifles, I’m pretty utilitarian.  For one, I’m not a huge fan of bullpups, even though this one ejects the brass out the front, which is pretty cool.   My main problem with it is that I have to flip up that black cover on the top rear of the rifle in order to check the chamber.   I much prefer to have easy visual access to the rifle’s chamber.  I’m also not a huge fan of the magazine release.  On the AR system, you can fetch yourself a magazine while you’re firing your last few shots, then drop the mag with a single finger, let gravity do the work of getting it out of the receiver, then just slam in another one.   On the FS2000, you can see a black button forward to the mag well on the receiver.  You hit this with the same hand you’re removing the magazine with, but you still have to yank it.  I prefer to let gravity do that work.

That’s me trying it out.   Don’t give me crap about fingers and triggers, I was actually trying out the trigger pull.  All firearms on the floor have had the firing pins removed.  I also checked the chamber before trying a dry fire.  The FN guy had to show me where the chamber was.

All in all, the collector in me loves this rifle, just for it’s uniqueness, but I’m not sure what it offers over other operating systems out there.