AHSA Astroturfing NRA Convention

The American Hunters and Shooters Association has paid people to stand outside the NRA convention with signs. I’ll try to get pictures later. This following up on the announcement that they will support Bloomberg’s coalition of anti-gun mayors. You might notice AHSA has bought ad space on that article as well, though it doesn’t come up every time. Keep reloading.

Apparently AHSA is also running an invitation only press conference. One wonders what it takes to get an invitation, but I’m guessing only sympathetic media are allowed in.

UPDATE: The Ten Ring has a pic of the AHSA protesters, who were gone by the time I got back down there with a camera.

11 thoughts on “AHSA Astroturfing NRA Convention”

  1. I find it interesting that they had to pay people to protest. That doesn’t really show much of a foundation of support, in my opinion.

  2. This is copied from The Joyce Foundation grant list:

    Mayors Fund to Advance New York City
    New York, NY

    Amount: $175,000.00
    Length: 1 year
    “To organize a coalition of mayors from around the country to promote national, state, and local policies, litigation, and law enforcement strategies aimed at reducing the flow of illegal guns into cities.”

    Here is the URL for The Joyce Foundation:


    Go there, click the Grant List tab and click Gun Violence on the drop down program catagory menu.

    This is one of the reasons Illinois and Wisconsin are the only two states remaining without RTC.

  3. Joyce is a real problem for us. BTW, Illinois and Wisconsin are the only two states without any permitting process. There are still a lot of states that aren’t right-to-carry. Personally, I prefer the term “shall-issue”. There are only two right-to-carry states, and those are Vermont and Alaska.

  4. Um, was there something wrong with my comment “Um, do you have any proof orf this, or links to someone who does”? If you don’t got proof that they are actually paying people, then this is nothing more than rumour-mongering, something that should be beneath us as pro-gun-rights activists.

  5. It might have gotten nabbed by the spam filter. I talked to someone of reputation who talked to them, and the press conference definitely happened. Those aren’t rumors. The only rumor was about Mayor Mike showing up that didn’t end up being true.

  6. Hmmm, it looked to me like it got posted, and then was removed…

    This person of reputation spoke to the protesters, and the protesters claimed that they had been paid by the AHSA to “protest” the NRA Convention? It would be real nice if there were some financial records on that.

    As for the “press conference”, any idea on who all was “invited”?

  7. Well it was never posted, since I also monitor the comments pretty closely, too. It just got caught in spam most likely.

    Good luck getting financial records. You won’t. It’s not likely a big enough expense that they would have to report on the Form 990. Even if it was that big, they probably wouldn’t label it “Fake Protestors in St. Louis” and it wouldn’t be available for another year at best.

    The protestor told this person of reputation that he was being paid. What more do you want that’s remotely reasonable or lawful to obtain?

    As for the press conference, you can see video of NRANews trying to get in on the NRANews site in the 2007 Annual Meeting session. I hope that the recording of the president of AHSA saying they were having a press conference is enough evidence for you. I mean, it’s not a financial record or anything…

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