AHSA Whores Itself on Kos

Apparently I’m now one of Wayne LaPerre’s right wing attack dogs.  I feel happy I managed to engage Bob Ricker in the comments over at Bitter’s.  Let’s look at some of what Bob had to say:

Me: So how many members are up to so far Bob?

Bob: More than enough to cause the “whackos” in the gun rights movement serious problems.

So we’re all “whackos” now eh?  AHSA claims to represent shooters.  I am a shooter, by most anyone’s definition.  They think I’m a whacko.

Bob: I don’t understand why you self defense whackos are so concerned about how AHSA elects its directors or our how the organizations finances work.

Because self-defense is oh so whacko.  Normal people have no desire for self-preservation!  Either way, the reason to be concerned is because it speaks to whether AHSA is a real grass roots organization, or a front to give anti-gun Democrats political cover to keep crapping all over your rights.  Good thing the plot didn’t work.  So Schoenke says on Kos:

And remember, NRA rarely acknowledges defeat. That’s why they lead off their attack on AHSA with references to old wins in the 1994 congressional elections and Bush’s win in 2000 despite his having lost the popular vote.  However, the NRA attack dogs fail to mention that Democrats did take back the Senate in 2000 by defeating pro-NRA candidates in Washington, Missouri, Michigan, Delaware and Florida.

I’m not even going to get into why none of these matter, but it’s good to see AHSA showing its true colors here, as a tool of the Democratic Party.  Keep digging guys, that hole of irrelvancy you’ve been working on isn’t quite deep enough.

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