Tomorrow, It Begins

Tomorrow the convention actually starts. All six acres of guns. In the morning, we’ll be making a short trip to the St. Louis Arch, then to the convention. We stopped off at the Renaissance to see if there were any cool people there, and sadly there were not, except for Steven Halbrook, who was busy being cool with other people.

Now we’re back at the hotel, and I think are done for the night.  Bitter is pretty horribly ill, actually, and needs to get some rest.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, It Begins”

  1. Enjoy it! I wish I could be there but I’m stuck at home. I went to St Louis a couple weeks back and got pretty horrbliy ill as well. I hope bitter starts to feel better soon and the show goes well.

  2. While you are at the arch, ride to the top. But be careful up there, for those of us that have been hit in the head too many times and have equilibrium problems it can disorienting. Thank goodness I had a friend along who anchored my elbow so I could tell where up was.

    The arch is a construction miracle. It was a very difficult design to build, yet not a single life was lost in its construction. That is a miracle. Be sure to read the plaque.

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