Day 1 – Small Bore Day

I’ll post pictures of Texas when I get bored, and over this weekend. Not really many of Bitter, I’m sorry to say, because she blogs anonymously. So do I, but I don’t have to be as concerned about images as she does. But fear not readers, I would not deprive you of pictures of chicks and guns, so Carrie will fill in for Bitter.

We spent our first day in Texas scouting out some good shooting places. Carrie’s brother had told me I could expect long range shooting opportunities. About the most that could be reasonably done was 200 yards, due to lack of back stoppage. For small bore shooting I set up some logs to act as a stop for the bullets, mostly shooting at spinners and cans.
Carrie shooting my 10/22, that I tricked out after the Assault Weapons Ban expired. The folding stock really makes it a menace to society, or makes it fit in the rifle case easier… one of the two. You’ll have to forgive our appearances. It was kind of muddy out, and we weren’t dressing for success.
Loading up the 10/22 magazine. Bitter took this because she likes my Smith & Wesson 629 Classic. Unfortunately, it also shows how much work I have to do on the bike and hiking trail when the weather turns this spring. I have to wear the belt tight to hold up a pistol that heavy. I hate that holster too because it exposes the trigger. Any suggestions for a better holster for a 629? Any suggestions for losing weight? :)
Shooting the 10/22, probably at the spinner targets. For bench we were shooting at about 75 meters. Standing, I have to get to about 25 to be able to hit the spinners consistently. You’ll notice something different about the 10/22 when I’m shooting it, as opposed to when Carrie is. Can you see what’s different?
Bitter thought I should get a least one pic of myself shooting something that wasn’t an evil black rifle. I have to admit, I enjoyed shooting Carrie’s bolt action .22. I’ll have a lot of respect for anyone who can ID that rifle. I had never seen one, as they stopped making them long before I was born.

That night we tried to make a fire using the damp mesquite wood from the wood pile.  Despite being near desert, it had rained a lot the night before.  I’ll post the resulting video o’ blackness from that failed effort sometime later.

8 thoughts on “Day 1 – Small Bore Day”

  1. Six rounds of .44 Magnum goodness. Can’t beat that. But I only carry that in remote areas where open carry isn’t a problem. My normal carry gun is a Glock 19.

  2. Uh, you have a flash hider (not that there is much muzzle flash on a 10/22 – but what they hell, if it pisses of a bigot then go for it)

    As to the holster, I have a similar one for my Ruger Blackhawk that covers the trigger. Got it from the Sportsmans Warehouse (or whatever its called) Cataloge

  3. The damned flash hider likes to come off every once in a while. It serves no functional purpose on a 10/22 other than to piss off the ninnies.

  4. It serves no functional purpose…other than to piss off the ninnies

    Which to me is a functional purpose in an of itself.

  5. I thought the difference was that your elbow was sticking out while her’s was tucked in.

    As for losing weight: I lost 40-50 pounds by just eating less. Of course, I already have the “thin gene” in my family, so your mileage may vary.

  6. I’d just like to say that I was totally dressed for success, thank you very much.

  7. Damn right, Carrie! John Deere cap, black tee, and cammie shorts are approved shooting wear here in South Georgia, too.

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